Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Their poor ugly unborn children

For you Mad Men & SNL fans, you are probably familiar with Fred Armisen and Elizabeth Moss. I didn't realize until their recent nuptials that they were even a couple. However, once I learned of it, to me, they somehow seem to fit as a couple. Kinda like the nerdy couple that you knew in high school.

I think that Elizabeth can be attractive at times (definitely not when she's on Mad Men, though, which has to be Matthew Weiner's intent), but Fred Armisen? Yuck, no way! To each's own, I guess.

Here's another interesting tidbit about Lizzy- did you know that she was in Girl, Interrupted? And, she's a Scientologist? Me neither!

Well, congrats to Elizabeth on her recent marriage and to Peggy for standing up to Don!

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