Tuesday, January 05, 2010

MTV's unintenional new comedy

I don't think that MTV set out to make Teen Mom into a comedy show; but due to my fave character (hands down best mullet EVA), Butch, this show is friggin' hilarious & has quickly become my second favorite MTV show - after Jersey Shore, of course. Here's why:

Happy New Year!!!!

Typically, with the arrival of the New Year comes the expectation to make resolutions. So far, I've only come up with a few. Here they are, in no particular order:

1) Be less bitchy, when appropriate
2) Be more bitchy, when appropriate
3) Read more (I'm leaving this responsibility in the hands of the SoUnpretty bookclub)
4) Blog more (we only had 91 posts this past year, which is sad :( )
5) Make a "to-do" list in time for my 30th b-day ( which is 5 years away :) )
6) Hug more
7) Say "I love you" to people I genuinely care about
8) Stop saying "I love you" due to peer pressure & social norms.

That's it for now. How about you? Happy 2010!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't be surprised if you feel the urge to buy a Cadillac after listening to this song....

Because it's the same song that's been in all of the Cadillac SRX commercials. I love hearing it in my car, even if it's not some over-priced Caddy. My friend saw this group perform live & loved them.

I'll try to make this the last music video post for this week, but I'm not making any promises.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Golden Globe Award winner predictions

The official nomination list was released yesterday (http://www.goldenglobes.org/nominations/year/2009/); however here are my predictions:

Best Drama - The Hurt Locker.

Best Actress in a Drama - Gabourey Sidibe (Precious).

Best Actor in a Drama - Morgan Freeman ( seems like a no brainer); however, I loved Tobey Maguire in Brothers.

Best Movie, Musical or Comedy -
The Hangover hands down will probably win, but I'm not ruling out 500 Days of Summer.

Best Performance by an actress, Musical or Comedy- Meryl Streep, even though I like Marion Cotillard.

Best Performance by an actor, Musical or Comedy - Robert Downey, Jr. It just seems to be his year. Love him. Maybe even more than my beloved Matty.

Best performance by an actor in a television series, drama- Jon Hamm. He might be facing some stiff competition by Michael C. Hall, though.

Best TV series- tie between 30 Rock, Glee & Modern Family.

Best TV actress - Edie Falco

Best TV supporting actor - Neil Patrick Harris.

Those are just my predictions (or more like a wish list) of whom I think should win in a few categories. We'll see if I was right or not on January 17th! What do you think?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Damn, I like this song, too...

Despite my best efforts not to like this song, mainly because 1) it's silly & 2) P.Diddy seems to have his paws on it and I don't want to have anything to do with this jackass who comes to the defense of Tiger Woods and Chris Brown; I have to admit that I find it catchy.

My fave pop Christmas Songs

Like many of you, recently my free time has been consumed with Christmas shopping. This inevitably means that I'm frequently in and out of many retail stores. As a former retail employee (over 5 years spent in retail, to be exact), I know that from Black Friday until December 26th, shoppers & employees alike will be bombarded with Christmas music as they shop. Particularly, "Christmas classics" re-done by current pop stars.

One particular store that I've been in & out of on my lunch breaks is T.J. Maxx. Now, I can handle Mariah Carey Christmas songs. I can tolerate late '90s/early '00s boy band Christmas music. I can even swallow Britney & Christina. But, I will not, cannot bear to hear Jessica Simpson! Twice in one week, I heard her singing Christmas classics. I can't even recall which songs they were 'cause I was too busy envisioning taking a T-stand to my eardrums! Surely, this is not the desired effect that T.J.Maxx had in mind from their shoppers? I thought that all stores, except grocery stores, picked music that they hoped would entice the shopper, not send them running in droves out of the store! Jess' breathy,over-the-top, under-talented, desperately trying to sound sexy singing is just too much.

On the plus side, I've heard two of my fave pop Christmas songs in recent weeks. These songs cause me to stop whatever I'm doing & spontaneously start busting a move. Make fun of me if you want, but I love U2's Baby Please Come Home & Wham's Last Christmas.

Admit it. You love it, too.

Christmas Peeps!?!

I had no idea that such a thing existed until I saw it in the ACME grocery flyer. I, personally, can't stand Peeps regardless of the season. They're a bit too sugary-sweet for my liking; however Mr. Cynical once had a roommate that was obsessed & meticulous about his Easter Peeps. He insisted that after you buy Peeps, you stow them away in a cabinet somewhere. And then, after they've reached their optimum point of staleness, you devour their deliciousness. Yech. Totally not for me. However, if you're a fan, start scouring your local grocery store shelves before the season's passed!

All I want for Christmas...

Well, maybe not all, but definitely at the top of my list. I love the color purple & I really love my CrackBerry. Combine these two things & I've gotta have it.

So, if you're thinking to yourself "what would be the perfect gift for miz cynical, whom I love so dearly"? And, come on, who hasn't? Now you have an answer.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Just 'Cause It's Tuesday....

I've decided that I like this Estelle song 'cause it puts a smile on my face & makes me want to do a little happy dance. Hence, I'm going to share it with you.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ewww...maybe CBS cares a little too much?!?

Watch CBS Videos Online

In my half-asleep state last night, I saw this commercial on CBS & assumed that I couldn't have heard this correctly. But, I checked it out & believe it or not, CBS feels that the best Christmas gift that you can give to the special woman in your life is to gently, yet firmly inform her that she should get a pap smear. CBS has a whole website devoted to explaining just how and (most importantly) why they decided to embark on such a fervent "smear" campaign. Oh, to be a mistletoe hanging in the living room of the guy that suggests such a thing on Christmas Day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Their poor ugly unborn children

For you Mad Men & SNL fans, you are probably familiar with Fred Armisen and Elizabeth Moss. I didn't realize until their recent nuptials that they were even a couple. However, once I learned of it, to me, they somehow seem to fit as a couple. Kinda like the nerdy couple that you knew in high school.

I think that Elizabeth can be attractive at times (definitely not when she's on Mad Men, though, which has to be Matthew Weiner's intent), but Fred Armisen? Yuck, no way! To each's own, I guess.

Here's another interesting tidbit about Lizzy- did you know that she was in Girl, Interrupted? And, she's a Scientologist? Me neither!

Well, congrats to Elizabeth on her recent marriage and to Peggy for standing up to Don!