Friday, March 28, 2008

The world is deluded.

sigh. i just finished reading this jezebel post about this Philly mag article and was feeling pretty shitty. worrying about the little girls of the world and worrying that my baby's first words will be asking me to tint their eyelashes or something disturbing.

and then i read this. jessica and elizabeth wakefield are too fat?!?

girl world needs a break. like a serious time-out. all the make up, straightening irons, hot wax, etc. needs to be locked up for 3 months until everyone comes down from their botox highs.

i'm disappointed in womanity.


Beanorama said...

i read that one. there was a LOT of sex... or hinted sex... in it.

NotoriousALG said...

Elizabeth was smart to stay with Todd Wilkins. Except for when his family got rich.

mo cheeks said...

the point of this post was not to talk about SVH.

Beanorama said...

ms cheeks- you are right. womanity deos need a break. it makes me sick. my friend's mom got her daughter's eyebrows waxed at 11 and I remember being like, "What??"

Even when moms don't go to extremes, womanity is hard enough.

And I love Jezebel.

Flip Flop Girl said...

Holla, mo. Some of us work with someone who got a bikini wax at the same age I first kissed a boy! And no, it wasn't embarrassingly late in my life.